advent calendar

I LOVE bubble wrap! Or, admittedly, I actually love to make all of those tiny little innocent bubbles pop :)

Hope you enjoy my idea for this year’s advent calendar (for grownups*):

  • You will need: a printer (b/w), a pair of scissors, clear glue, crayons or any kind of colored pencils, cardboard, BUBBLE WRAP
  • Print out as many christmas trees as you want. You can download my sample here
  • Color, then cut out the trees
  • Glue them on thin cardboard, cut out again
  • (If you’re lucky enough to have a really good pair of scissors, first glue the colored trees on cardboard and THEN cut them out, so you only have to do the cutting-out once for each tree)
  • Place the bubble wrap on top of a tree and carefully cut out the according 24 bubbles. Make sure not to accidentally destroy one!
  • Use clear glue for glueing the bubble wrap on your trees
  • Happy popping! 

*children might probably burst all bubbles at once… at least my nephew did. If you consider your inner child too strong to wait a whole day to pop the next bubble, maybe this or this (for iPhone users) hits your spot…

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