drip catcher

If you should still be in need of a nice little present with a personal touch, go ahead and follow my instructions:

  • you just need a piece of waste fabric, approx. 35 x 5 cm (15 x 2 inches) and a nice button
  • cut the rectangle, then fold one side in to form the pointed end and secure with a pin
  • sew around the whole cloth with a stitch of your choice. I felt like using a contrasting yarn color (which shows off all little imperfections so be careful)
  • I started sewing from the pointed end, leaving out the folded edge
  • choose a button and measure where to sew it on by wrapping the cloth around a bottleneck (make sure that the drip catcher is wide enough to put it on and off the bottle)
  • cross the shorter end (with the rectangular end) over the long one (with the pointy end), sew the button on and the two layers together at the same time (I so wanted to use the doll-label but since I made this for my dad… )
  • no more drops on the table!
Additional feature: look at the last pic — cork pocket!

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