from beanie to loop scarf

I saw this beanie in the men’s department at H&M and liked the colors with its somehow messy pattern so much, that I simply couldn’t resist. Plus it was only $5!

When I put the beanie on my head though, there was this weird feeling coming up, suddenly I heard the Super Mario theme song in my ears and Toad was staring at me out of the mirror :D

So I decided to transform the beanie into an oh-so-trendy loop scarf:

  • when opening the top of your beanie make sure not to lose any stitches of the knitting, otherwise the cloth will slowly unravel itself
  • take a piece of string or ribbon (long enough to loosely fit around your head and neck), run it through all the stitches and loosen the beanie to a hose
  • if your drawstring is slick like mine, you can easily go back and forth from beanie to loop scarf to beanie… 

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