valentine’s bangle

When I was standing in the bathroom this morning, I (more or less annoyed) once again noticed these long, unnecessary straps, which are attached to every other shirt or vest or skirt, just that they hang nicer on the hanger in the store; and usually hang nicely & visibly outside, where they should not be when you wear the piece of clothing…
You know what I mean?

So I cut them off. They were really pretty, exactly matching the color of the pink cardigan (Calvin Klein) I’m wearing today. Why pink? No reason. ;)

And there it happened, on the bathroom table:
my favorite bangle (Mango outlet for 3€)  falling in love with the pink straps…
(and some other straps from a Forever21 dress I bought recently… well, bangles are polygamists…)

❤ Happy Valentine’s day!


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