embroidered ray-bag

cheap sunglasses don’t get very special treatment in my bags.

for my fake Ray-Bans (H&M, €1) a simple cloth pouch has to do it & protect them from a bunch of useless stuff that I carry on my poor bursitis-ridden shoulder all the time, waiting, full of hope, for that actual situation, where some band-aids, rubber bands, pens, various disinfectants, a torch or a letter opener finally prove to be absolutely essential to save the world…

back to the glasses: they didn’t want to stay inside their designated protective cover. that’s why i quickly attached a snap fastener with a needle & thread.

since I had to kill some time, this old boring pouch turned into a little hipster embroidery project:

  • take a pencil & trace or draw the shape you want on anything you’d like to pep up
  • use some contrasting thread & double it up
  • backstitch along the line
  • make smaller stitches in curvy areas
  • avoid pricking your finger…


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