dry shampoo

finally (and literally) some fresh air on my blog :)

yes, it’s been a while, but since i’m not really that much into writing (i know — how ironic) my thesis was a huge pain in the ass. and by that i mean i suck at thesis writing. big time. ok, to be honest i had a great professor and a really interesting topic, but i guess, my anger towards my university was somehow mirrored by that piece of never-ending work. which ended, eventually. (well, it’s not official yet)
so i had to concentrate on that for the last few months and didn’t allow myself procrastinating more than usual (i.e. twitter, facebook, instagram,…), which also includes writing blog posts…

enough of these lame excuses, now to the topic: greasy hair.

i read a lot of posts about it (today on Susanne’s blog for example) and thought, some of you might be interested in how i deal with it.

a few months ago i first tested dry shampoo and it clicked. the fear of ‘looking like wearing a wig’ or ‘an extremely itchy scalp’ just couldn’t withhold my curiosity anymore. thankfully.

my technique:

  • brush the hair real good (at the top).
  • starting on one side, part your hair every half an inch or so and apply the spray (from about 3-4 inches away) to the roots. be sure to also spray the crown of your head. that’s where my hair tends to be greasier.
  • run your fingers through the hair doing a ‘zig-zag’ move, to spread the powder (which was sprayed on) evenly
  • massage the head with a towel (that needs to be washed anyway) for a few seconds
  • brush your roots or hair again
  • fresh hair with volume without water or blow drying, bitches!

i would recommend this product: Balea Trend It Up Spray On Trockenshampoo, available at any dm store in Austria for less than €3, i guess (i’m not affiliated). it works for me, better than the ones from Syoss, although, the scent of all of them is too strong and intense for my taste.




if you have darker or black hair, though, i think the powder will show because it leaves your roots a little bit lighter, almost velvety white. since i am blonde and have darker roots this is perfect for me!

do you have any other tips on dry washing your hair?


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4 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    For years I refused to use dry shampoo (as I stated on Susanne’s blog) but a couple of months ago I gave in and joined the club. Balea also has a volume powder which I can highly recommend.

    • sandra says:

      since volume is the last thing i want to add to my hair (lucky me) i haven’t tried this yet, but have already heard that it does the dry shampoo trick! i personally prefer the handy spray-on option, but for traveling the smaller packaging for the volume powder is definitely a plus! thanks very much for the tip!