idea world

if you live in vienna, you still got a chance to visit the Ideenwelt Messe (world of ideas fair) which is still on until sunday. i was one of the lucky winners of free tickets over at HediGTailor’s blog and so i found myself strolling through the event today. to be honest, i was a bit disappointed. the title ‘idea world’ had me expecting a bit more than the usual crafting stuff like greeting cards, candle art, beading and knitting. well, that was about it, though.

…except for the Modellbau-Messe (RC modeling fair) which is also taking place there right now. with one ticket you can visit both of the fairs (one for the girls and one (much bigger one) for the boys – might be a stereotype, but after having been there, i can tell you, that most people fit this one).

don’t get me wrong, they offer a whole range of traditional crafting supply (i got myself some ribbons), most of which you’d only find online – nothing fancy though. however, they do have nice workshops for kids!

luckily, my inner RC modeling nerd was satisfied by the incredibly fast, drifting and jumping cars and some burning stuff ;)

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