when it comes to purchase behavior, some might say i’m a little ‘special’. whenever i feel the need to buy something, i’m always looking for the best possible option to fill this need – both functionally, designwise and value-for-money, no matter how long it may take. and that applies to almost anything, even kitchen equipment (and may annoy some people around me, i’m sorry!).

so about a year ago i stumbled upon an impressively designed whisk at Normann Copenhagen Online and since then i have been tracking this whisk down. unsuccessfully… until last week :)

since i’m not up for paying more for shipping than what the cost of the product is and i like touching and examining most things i buy upfront, you can imagine how happy i was when i found the beater by Ding3000 at a picturesque little store in Vienna:

Fjordlys just opened this November in the 7th district in Vienna, right behind MQ. there you can find anything Nordic for the home & kitchen or just stop by for a coffee at their inviting table. the two ladies in the store have been very nice and helpful, a delightful shopping experience! definitely one fab stop for christmas shopping!

if you’d like to find out more, visit them on facebook or twitter.

it took me a while to decide on the color (mint made the race), but now i am a proud owner of the most beautiful and design award winning whisk :D

i bet, you have never read a blogpost about a whisk before…


cover picture from here

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