soldering stars

since i feel a little alone with my love for christmas time, i try to express and spread the love through decoration. i like everything simple, nifty and modern – same applies for christmas deco. last year i made everything out of plain paper (see my ornaments here). this year i was thinking some fairy lights, but the ones i found at home had a broken wire :(

so i soldered it!

this is something i really enjoy doing, maybe because you have to be careful and precise, and you can fix something which couldn’t have been fixed otherwise. PLUS it involves one of the most spectacular materials ever –> heat-shrink tubing! i love love love this stuff!!!*

  • first separate the cables, strip the insulation (without cutting too much of the wires inside) and twist them together to test which ones belong to each other. (be careful not to touch the open wire when the light is plugged in for testing if it works)
  • then the shrink tubing has its dazzling appearance: untwist the wires, pull a piece of shrink tube over one side and retwist the wires accordingly.
  • try to solder the wires together quickly, so that the heat does not prematurely shrink the tubing in the wrong place (happend to me before, because the heat spreads through the wire when the soldering takes too long…)
  • after having soldered the metal together, bring the shrinkable tubing over the soldering point (the piece should therefore be long enough to cover the whole open wire)
  • shrink the tubing carefully by holding a lighter underneath it
  • repeat the steps for the second cable (if there is one)
  • ET VOILÀ – perfectly insulated cables!

i’m so in love with my ‘star-show’ – might not be able to remove it even after christmas…


* if you don’t know this stuff, it is, as the name says, shrinkable tubing, which shrinks to a smaller diameter by being warmed-up with a lighter or a hot air gun; available in many sizes and colors; very versatile and cheap :)

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